Winter makes us want to seek refuge in things that are dark and warm — what better excuse to refresh your hair color this chilly season? Here are 5 hair colors that complement the average and the EXTRA winter wardrobe perfectly:

Rich Red

You should be ready to see heads turn when you pop up with a rich red head. This color complements fairer skin tons effortlessly — but we aren’t saying Zendaya didn’t do the rich red justice when she showed up at the Emmy’s. This color will work best with dark winter wardrobes.

Deep Espresso

If you don’t want to look like someone who dipped their strands into a bucket of black dye, the deep espresso is the answer for you. The richness and warmth of this shade balance out beautifully with skin tones that get lighter and cooler during winters.

Winter Rose

If you’re going for something angelic, your go-to shade is the winter rose that speaks in shades of soft pale pink. The overall look is going to remain all things vibrant, but you might have to put in the extra bit of effort to escape the rough winter texture.

Chestnut Brown

The chestnut brown is a universally flattering appeal that falls right in the middle of the spectrum. We recommend staying within the first of the two shades of your natural hair color and placing highlights to the accent of the face, so the overall color seems darker. This color will look amazing while you step out and about in the sun.

Pretty Pastels

If you were blonde for the summers, it’s time to push the limits with some pretty pastels for the winter. We’re hoping to see a lot of mint during the holiday season. But no matter what you do or don’t do, don’t forget the moisturizing treatment to keep the color from fading.

 a woman with highlights in the hair playing with snow


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