Hair extensions promise a world of benefits: imagine styling your hair once and not having to worry about it for the rest of the week! In addition to providing length and volume to your hair, they can also be styled in a myriad of ways to provide versatility and individuality to your everyday looks.

But getting extensions installed can quickly go wrong when you don’t take the right steps! Accidentally picking out the wrong shade can make your extensions look unnatural, fake, and extremely unflattering! To help you achieve a flawless look, here are a few tips so you make the right color choices when selecting your extensions:

Go Human Hair Extensions Instead of Factory Prepared

Match from the BottomFactory prepared extensions not only use synthetic fibers that get damaged after just a few wears, but they also use a single color, which can end up looking one-dimensional and immensely unnatural. Because your natural hair is never a single color throughout your head, and can vary in shades from strand to strand, human hair extensions are almost always preferable!

Using a variety of subtle differences in shades—light strands mixed with darker ones—HEH’s premium Russian hair extensions have movement, depth, and dimension that helps them better blend in with your natural hair.

Match from the Bottom

Hair at the top of your head is typically darker than hair at the bottom. Matching hair extensions to the root of your hair is never a good idea! Because the largest part of the extensions that are visible will be at the bottom, it is a much better idea to choose extensions based on the color of the bottom strands of your hair.

Dye Your Extensions

The greatest benefit of using human hair extensions is that they can be dyed to match your hair color exactly! Synthetic hair extensions are highly processed, and rarely react well to hair dyes, but human hair extensions act just like your natural hair and can be dyed to any color under the sun!

Trust the Professionals

Our HEH cosmetologists have been in the business for years and have become extremely experienced in choosing the right colored extensions for your hair. We use high-quality Russian hair extensions in a blend of shades and hues to make your extensions seamlessly merge with your natural hair.

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Using premium, natural looking hair for all our extensions, we ensure quality installations, individual attention and the customer service you’d expect from Houston’s leading hair salon!

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