Ever seen your favorite celebrities on the red carpet and wondered how they got that look? Or maybe you came across a candid picture of them on Instagram and wondered how they maintain their famously flawless hair?

You may not have paparazzi following you around or swarms of fans chanting your name, but you can attain their hairstyle in a few easy steps. This is because actress, singer, and generally-flawless person in every aspect, Zendaya, shared her hair routine recently.

Curly hair can be difficult to manage. People often wash their hair and don’t know what to expect when it dries; will it be beautifully curled or a frizzy mess?

So, if you want to achieve Zendaya’s gorgeous wavy-curly hair, we’ve broken down the steps you need to follow:

Brushing through

Brushing your hair gets all the knots and tangles out, something that often causes it to look like you just got out of bed. While you may have heard that brushing wet hair can cause breakage, it’s all about the technique and tools you use. Brushing dry hair can make it frizzy and unmanageable; thus, using a wide-toothed comb to gently brush out your wet hair is your best bet.


Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs moisture. Adding a moisturizing serum adds definition and bounce to your natural texture without “making it crunchy”, as Zendaya says.

The products you put into your hair can really contribute to their shine and smoothness. Here are some Holy Grail products we swear by to condition and hydrate your hair.


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Patting your hair dry

Leaving your hair dripping wet to air-dry can take hours to achieve the look you’re going for. Towels, however, are notorious for damaging your hair. The friction caused by patting or rubbing your hair between your towel can cause breakage and frizziness.

Zendaya recommends a microfiber towel to do the job. It’s more absorbent and softer, leading to less stress on your hair. Patting your hair dry reduces the friction and gives you effortless curls.

Use a diffuser

Blow-drying curly hair can mess up your curl pattern and straighten out your hair. A better way is to use a diffuser. It “helps add body, even out the curl patterns, and allows curly hair to retain its chemical bonds which minimizes frizz,” the actress explains.

For bouncy, well-defined curls, a diffuser is your best bet.

Patting your hair dry

Fluff away

As a final step, you can scrunch your hair upwards with your hands. This adds more body and volume to your hair, preventing it from falling flat and allowing it to hold its curl.

Using the best products and techniques can take your curls to the next level. If you’re looking for a good salon in Houston to do that for you, Hair Extensions of Houston’s experts can provide a range of services to give you the thick, healthy hair you’ve always wanted.

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