Sometimes work and office and get really exhausting and there isn’t a lot to do to take your mind off the constant burn-out. A great way to recharge your brain and find your motivation again is to dabble in something creative while you take a break—and then come back to work.

But we get that there are very limited options as to the amount of creativity you can play around with. One thing super-do-able, is to try new hairstyles. This will not only give you an easy and super fun project, but will also make sure you look great, giving you that well-needed boost in confidence when facing burn-out.

Here are our top picks to try at your office desk as they don’t require any hair tools or product whatsoever. So, grab your mirror, and let’s give you an office desk makeover.

Give Your Hair A Break With These Double Buns

These buns are probably the easiest styles to create because of the number of variations you can try out. To create this look, simply part your hair in the middle, and separate your fringe or bangs.

If you have front layers, separate them too. Next, create a bun of your choice on either side of your head covering your ears. You can go for donut buns, space buns, messy buns, the options are endless really.

Once you’re done with your look, make any adjustments you want and pin it all in place. If you want, you can also follow the look up with a make-up refresh and get back to work with a better, more creative mind.


Double French Braids Make The Workspace A Better Place

Another one of our favorite double-sided, middle-parted look is this gorgeous double French braid style. To create this look, follow the same procedure you followed for the double bun look, and instead of buns, create a French braid on either side of the head.

When you’re done, add any relevant hair accessories if you have them on hand and freshen your make-up a little bit and you’re ready to get on with your work!

Even though these looks are amazing, if you really want a major change in the way you look and experiment with a lot more hairstyles, a good option is hair extensions.

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