Many people believe in astrology as a tool for self-reflection as it helps us understand our charts and minds much better. But astrology can also be used for more than just mere self-reflection; it can also be used to pick your new hairstyle.

Each zodiac sign demonstrates different characteristics, so it’s not surprising that people look for hairstyles that best complement their zodiac sign.

Aries – A New Hair Color

Aries is always the first to try something new and daring. If you’re in the mood to experiment with your hair and embrace a fresh new version of yourself, you can opt for new and unique hair color.

Taurus – Extensions

Ruled by Venus, Taurus likes all things luxurious, which is why getting hair extensions is a great choice.

Gemini – 70s Inspired Shaggy Look

Go big and bold with the wild bangs and voluminous locks that are fit for a Gemini.

Cancer- A Classic Look

Cancers like to play it safe, so a classic, signature look that exudes timeless beauty is the perfect hairstyle for them.

Leo – The Blowout

They like to have show-stopping hair, which is why a blowout perfectly complements their fiery personality.

Virgo – A No-Fuss Hairstyle

Virgo’s prefer low-maintenance, simple hairstyles like a sleek bun or a ponytail, no matter the occasion.

Libra – Retro Look

Libra’s are all about balance, so the middle part inspired with a 70s inspired retro look like waves works best for them.

Scorpio – A Little Edgy Hairstyle

For Scorpios, trying something new is the way to go. An undercut is a great choice for them.

A woman with long, sandy blonde and wavy hair

Sagittarius – Go Natural

They are free spirits, so it makes sense to forgo anything of structure and embrace the natural texture and color of your hair.

Capricorn – Bangs

Bangs look good on every hair length, color, and texture, which is why they are every Capricorns hairdo trend.

Aquarius – An Effortless Look

Aquarius’ are the hippies of the zodiac signs, which is why any sun-kissed, effortless look works best for them.

Pisces – Let the Hair Run Free

Pisces are dreamers, which is why wavy, romantic hairstyles inspire them. Don’t be afraid to let them get a little messy.

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