Many of our daily hairstyling habits can result in hair damage and thinning. Heating tools such as curling irons and blow dryers are often associated with the deterioration of natural hair. Many people believe in the idea that air-drying their hair can be better than blow-drying, which is not entirely true. Blow drying poses no danger to the health and beauty of your hair if done right. By making these few changes to your blow-drying habits, you can keep your hair manageable and naturally gorgeous at the same time.

1. Rinse Your Shampoo Thoroughly

Any buildup of shampoo or conditioner in your hair will solidify when you blow-dry. Make sure any conditioner or shampoo residue isn’t left on your wet hair before picking up that blow dryer.

2. Detangle Your Way Up

When brushing your wet hair, always start at the tips and work your way up. Starting at the roots may pull and tug at your wet hair and make them prone to breakage after blow-drying.

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3. Correct Application of Serums

Any protective serum or oil you apply to your hair extensions before blow-drying may impact the result. Concentrate the product on the tips and length of your hair extensions and avoid putting too much at the roots. This will keep excess grease away from your scalp and limit your need for shampooing.

4. Section Your Hair Properly

The more hair sections you make, the thinner each will be, and the easier it will be to blow-dry your hair.

5. Use a Gentle Brush

While blow-drying your hair, use a gentle brush on your hair. HEH’s custom-made brush is the choice of many stylists around Houston and is highly recommended for perfect blowouts.

6. Keep Your Brush and Nozzle Apart

Keeping the nozzle of the hairdryer too close to your hairbrush will over-dry your hair and leave it brittle. Maintain a few inches’ distance between your blow dryer and the brush to retain the natural shine of your hair.

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