Disclaimer: For product recommendations as per your hair’s needs contact HEH. Also, note that not all products are equal for extended hair.

Many women spend around $200,000–$300,000 on beauty and self-care-related products in their lifetime. This includes skin care, beauty products, and hair care. The last is a huge industry that is predicted to grow to $102 billion by 2024. But what are the people spending their money on? Well, shampoos, conditioner, treatments, serums, hair styling products, etc., for starters.

The products you should pick should be based on what your needs are, like anti-aging. Yes, you read that right. Your hair ages just like your skin and similarlyneeds a little extra help to stop its progress.

1. Kevin Murphy– YOUNG AGAIN Wash

As you age, your hair might lose its thickness and fullness. If you already have fine hair, that can get even worse. To battle the thinning volume, meet your perfect partner: Kevin Murphy’s YOUNG AGAIN Wash. It’s skincare for your hair with rejuvenating benefits. The range has a rich blend of antioxidants such as Baobab oils, lotus flower, orchid extract, and Immortelle that nourish the hair to bring back its youthful shine. The amino acid complex also helps strengthens hair over time.


2. Kevin Murphy– YOUNG AGAIN Dry Conditioner

Do you know what we love more than regular hair care products with beneficial ingredients? Unique products that are filled with beneficial ingredients! That’s what the YOUNG AGAIN dry conditioner is. You’ve seen dry shampoo; now meet its partner, the dry conditioner. Does your hair get dull between washes, and you can’t over-wash it because of color or extensions? This is the answer to all your problems. It is a dry powder spray with the signature Immortelle oil that softens the hair. The formula also has powerful antioxidants and anti-aging benefits.


3. Kevin Murphy– YOUNG AGAIN Leave-in Treatment Oil

Shampoo and conditioner are a basic part of the routine for hair. However, to keep it healthy and long, you need to give it some extra TLC, and Kevin Murphy has made that easy with their leave-in treatment oil. It’s an indulgence that you can use daily on your hair. It’s formulated using the star ingredient from the YOUNG AGAIN range Immortelle which has anti-aging ingredients. It boosts the hair and deep conditions it for a shine that lasts all day and protects your hair from sun damage. However, if you wear extensions, consult your stylist to see if this product is safe to use on your extensions.


Nand More Product Recommendations?

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