We always hear hair stylists emphasizing the use of hair conditioner. But why is it so important? Regular washing removes dirt as well as moisture from our skin and hair. While we use body lotions for moisturizing the skin, we also need a hair conditioner to help our hair stay healthy and hydrated. Think of it as a moisturizer that adds a protective layer to your hair after each wash. Here are a few more reasons you should never skip conditioner after shampoo.

1. Reduced Tangles

Hair tangles while brushing can cause breakage and end up thinning your hair. Using conditioner regularly can help you avoid this problem and keep your hair free of knots and tangles.

2. Manageable Hair

Thick and long hair becomes impossible to manage when dry and frizzy. Especially while using hair extensions, your hair might need to be brushed multiple times a day. To keep any hair length manageable throughout the day, use a conditioner after each wash.

3. Goodbye to Dryness

Dryness leads to many hair problems, particularly during the winter. By using a moisturizing conditioner, you can keep your hair ready for any hairdo in any season.

Long brown hair with bangs

4. Softness and Shine

Once you make a daily habit of conditioning your hair, you will notice your hair getting softer and shinier after only a few uses. Quality hair extensions look even better on hair that is shinier and suppler.

5. Protective Layer

From blow-drying to straightening, your hair endures a lot of damage. It can rob your hair of its natural beauty and bring dullness instead. By using conditioner, you add an excess layer of protection that will prevent your hair from getting damaged directly from various hairstyling tools.

6. Prevents Split Ends  

Another serious hair problem that causes women to cut their hair short is split ends. It is a sign of hair lacking in nourishment and moisture. By conditioning your hair every day, you can reduce the chance of split ends and grow your hair as long as you wish to.

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