From pixie cuts to long bobs, this year has been all about no-fuss hairstyles. While majority of us have made the most of this convenient low maintenance styling trend that continued throughout the year, 2019 is set to switch things up a bit.

As the New Year rings in, a brand new array of styling trends is ready to take-over, along with some classic vintage cuts which are to make a surprising comeback. To make 2019 your best hair year yet, check out some of these hairstyles expected to dominate the year to come.

Charcoal Hair

While grey has been a pretty popular hair color choice this year, the trend of rocking silver hair is to take a slightly darker turn in 2019. A rather grayish-black variant of silver, known as charcoal, is the latest color trend expected to gain traction in the upcoming year.

In order to achieve the perfect charcoal hue, it’s always better to consult a professional colorist for your hair. If you’re feeling less experimental, you can also choose to go for charcoal toned hair extensions.

Retro styling

From 60’s inspired beehives to bouffant bobs, retro styling is ready to make a comeback in 2019. These hairstyles ruled the runway at this year’s Milan Fashion Week, with Moschino models sporting voluminous and dramatic 60’s hairdos with flicked ends.

Blunt Jaw line Bob

Blunt Jaw line Bob

If you’re looking to add an instant chic factor to your overall look in 2019, a blunt jaw line bob could be your best friend. This edgy cut will also accentuate your facial features and help you make a bold fashion statement.

Long Layers

Loose long layers are timeless. Layering also adds dynamism to hair, which makes them look more voluminous. Accessorize your hair with some eye-catching clips or an old-school head band and you’re good to go!

Braid Pressing

Crimped hair is back with a twist! Braid pressing is a hair trend similar to crimping that is set to make a strong comeback in 2019. Unlike old-school crimping, braid pressing has softer indentations and requires hardly any aerosol products. Achieve the textured look by plaiting half-inched sections of hair and clamping them with a straightner. Brush out the finished look for additional volume.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs

There’s no easier way to spruce up your hair and completely transform your overall look than through some face-framing curtain bangs. Curtain bangs or a long fringe is simple and sophisticated cut capable of adding shape to hair of any texture.

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