One of the most difficult things in life can be changing up your style when you’ve gotten so used to the one you’ve rocked for ages.

The fear of change, of doing something drastic to our hair and hating the result, or of ridicule from others, tends to make us get stuck in our own bubble.

But changing up your style doesn’t always have to be as drastic as shaving the side of your hair for an edgy look! While some of us are daring enough to pull the style off without a hitch, the rest of us need a ton of deliberating before we can move away from our signature styles!

Change Your Style

If you’re in the mood to switch up your routine a bit but scared to make any major changes all of a sudden, take it one step at a time with these small, effortless tips to step out of your comfort zone:

Start Adding Hair Accessories

If you usually leave your hair loose, adding a small bow, ribbon or hair ornament could be a great way to add a feminine touch to your look without making any drastic changes.

Sure, a few people might comment on your sudden change in look, but give them the benefit of the doubt: they’re just as unaccustomed to your new look as you are!

Experiment with Different Hairstyles

If you’re a no-nonsense girl who doesn’t like spending too much time on your hair, learning a few simple braided hairstyles or a slicked-back hairstyle that requires little to no effort could give you tons of room to work with. Try pulling out a few wisps of hair from your updo for a less severe look.

Try On Temporary Hair Dyes

Temporary Hair Dyes

So you want to try dying your hair, but are afraid the end result might make you regret the whole thing.

Temporary hair dyes are just the thing for you! Non-committal, easy to do and semi-permanent, these can last anywhere from 2 to 10 washes. Even if you end up hating the look, just take a shower and it’ll wash all the color out immediately!

Create a Faux Bob

Perfect for those with long hair who want to try on a shorter look without the permanence of a haircut, a faux bob is an extremely easy style to pull off! Simply wrap an elastic a quarter of the way from the end of your hair, twist it underneath, and secure it with pins. All done!

Change Your Hair Parting

While a center part can make a round face look more angular, a side part can put the focus on your eyes. While this may take a little getting used to, switching up the direction of your part is actually helpful for the scalp as the part exposed to the elements often has more damaged hair than on any other part of your head.

Add Extensions to Your Hair

A great way to add length and volume to your hair, hair extensions can give you more room to experiment with your hair without having to wait for it to grow out.

Not only is it non-committal, as you can get it removed any time you want, getting original hair-loc extensions can also save your natural hair from heat damage and allow it to grow out healthier and thicker.

We can help you stand out amongst the crowd and create an amazing personal style!

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