The holiday season is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to achieve the hair you’ve been longing for. The easiest way to upgrade your hair is with these six different highlight types that add color, dimension, and much more:


Babylights are perfect for those obsessed with sun-kissed looks — these aren’t so much of a standalone highlight, but they sure give the hair more glow. These highlights define the accent of the face and are relatively low-maintenance!

Traditional Highlights

These highlights start right at the scalp, but the decision of how close or far apart each highlight will be placed depends on you.


The technique involves creating a blend with a sweeping motion that further enhances the natural color of the hair. Typically, lighter hair is highlighted into darker shades for a bright, bold look, and darker hair is incorporated with lighter highlights to create a soft, subtle dimension.


The foilayage technique requires sections of hair to be put into foils for lightening. It instantly adds freshness and brightness to the hair, making it perfect for anyone who wishes to incorporate lifted colors in their hair. The natural color left between the foils creates dimension and depth — you can also choose to focus the foliage highlights only around the face.


It’s all about the gradients for this highlight. The hair color for the ombre is directed to go from one color to another. It usually progresses from dark to light. The result of this is very different from that of a balayage — remember that ombre is a style while balayage is a technique.


Sombre is a subtle Ombre — what it means is that this highlight transitions more subtly from the darker tone of the roots to the lighter tone of the ends. This makes it a softer alternative to Ombre, with roots and ends looking almost the same but a tad bit more natural look.

Highlights styled as beachy waves


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