There’s just something about naturally wavy hair that makes other textures and patterns pale in comparison. Its stunning versatility and effortlessness render it ideal for anything from a luxurious rehearsal dinner to a quick run to Target.

If you’ve been cursing your luck and wish you had dreamy straight locks or tight curls instead of your beautiful waves, it’s time to take a step back and learn to love your fresh waves in all their glory. We’ve rounded up five ways to enhance naturally wavy hair to help you infuse your locks with hydration and glamour!

So toss out those styling tools and read on!

1. Nourishing Oil to the Rescue

If your hair has been feeling a little lackluster and brittle lately, it may be time to indulge in a revitalizing hair makeover.

We’ve been loving the Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment for its ability to instantly renew and rejuvenate dull and damaged hair. The powerful cocktail of essential oils and vitamins is an all-in-one treatment that restores the shine and elasticity of stretched hair.

Not only will your waves appear more defined and sculpted, but your hair will also feel shiny and sleek afterward.

2. Add Volume and Intensity to Your Natural Locks with Wavy Extensions


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Bring your wavy hair to life by indulging in premium Russian extensions that give your locks the new life they deserve. By adding length and hydration to your natural hair, Russian extensions will make your hair look healthier and glossier.

We recommend opting for a damage-free hair-loc installation to ensure the transition is seamless and undetectable!

3. Experiment with Unique and Flattering Styles

If you’ve been resorting to a nondescript mid-part for years, it’s time to experiment with new styles that flatter your hair.

Check out some of the most magnetizing hairstyles for voluminous and thick wavy hair to get started!

We recommend opting for bold and fresh dos that accentuate your waves instead of hiding them in buns and braids. Try revitalizing half up-dos and knotted ponytails to do your dreamy hair justice.

4. Toss the Brush

Can’t imagine living without your hairbrush? You didn’t think you could live without your ex either, but look at you now. So toss the brush and opt for a large fluff comb instead. You’ll instantly notice that your hair looks and feels detangled without appearing frizzy.

Wavy hair is very similar to curly hair when it comes to texture, volume, and porosity. Brushing your locks is a recipe for a frizzy and matted appearance that further damages your hair in the long run. A simple switch to a wide-toothed comb will help you retain the shine, structure, smoothness, and elasticity of your locks.

5. Indulge in a Leave-In Oil Treatment

Oil Treatment

When was the last time you gave your hair some nourishing oil therapy? If you’re struggling to answer that, it’s time to invest in a nutritious and enriching leave-in treatment.

The Young.Again overnight treatment by Kevin Murphy is infused with rich emollients and nutrients that penetrate hair shafts, roots, and follicles, thereby offering deep hydration and moisture. We recommend using it weekly for incredible results that make you wonder why you waged war with your wavy locks in the first place.

Take your hair to new heights by indulging in premium Russian hair extensions that are installed using the original hair-loc system. In the meantime, fuel your inspiration by browsing through some of the most stunning hairstyles you can rock with wavy hair extensions.