A bad hair day can make even the best of mornings take a turn for the worse. Especially on a day when you’re already late, the last thing you need is having to spend hours in front of the mirror with a hair curler in one hand, hairspray in the other.

After all, you can only wear ponytails so many times before people start wondering whether you have a side-job as an Ariana Grande impersonator!

For days when your hair just won’t behave the way you want it to, here are a few surefire ways to combat your hair woes.

Dry Shampoo

Not only can dry shampoo absorb excess oils from second-day hair, it also adds volume to limp, dead straight hair. It’s perfect for days when you’ve overslept and need to make it to work in 15 minutes tops. Dry shampoo is the holy grail for all your second (or third) day hair woes!



Whether you’re struggling with wonky texture, greasy hair, or unruly tangles that refuse to be tamed, a braided updo may be the perfect choice for a fun and totally stylish look. To top it all off, messy, undone schoolgirl plaits are all the rage in 2018, helping you kill two birds with one stone! Here are some excellent braid ideas.


There’s nothing quite like a messy bun to give you that effortlessly casual look! Whether you’re rocking extensions or it’s your natural hair giving you trouble, putting all your hair up into any of these updos can not only hide away your frizzy, troublesome hair, but also gives you an air of sophistication that’s perfect for business meetings!


Hats, Bandanas and Headbands

It’s the year of headscarves—and not just on your head! With major fashion weeks seeing everything from jackets to dresses made from silk scarves in every hue and pattern, putting on a printed silk scarf to hide away your unruly hair will give you some major style points this year!

Hair Extensions

To end this list, we have the biggest game changer of them all: hair extensions. Get rid of bad hair days completely and wake up with perfect, swoon-worthy locks every day of the week with HEH’s premium loc hair extensions that are guaranteed to solve all your hair woes.

Not only can hair extensions give you both length and volume, but having styled them once, you don’t need to worry about them again for days on end!

Try out any of our hair extensions to eliminate bad hair days completely!

We are a leading hair extensions salon in Houston, Texas, and provide custom blended hair extensions to suit every client’s needs!

So go on, let us take care of everything for you! Whether it’s a celebrity hairstyle or long, straight hair, we have extensions for everyone!

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