Bobby pins are amongst the most commonly used hair accessories around the world. There is no end to the usefulness of these little things. Just a few of these can hold together any heavy hairdo. Many formal hairstyles are impossible to make without a bunch of bobby pins. But it often gets underestimated for its functionality. When used right, they can make any ordinary hairstyle look amazing. Here are a few ways to use bobby pins more conveniently for various hairdos.

1. Pin Your Hair Flat

The most common problem women face when wearing bobby pins is that they don’t stay in place for long. To resolve this problem, hair extension maintenance experts recommend flattening the surface of your hair before putting in the pins.

2. Insert From the Right Side

A girl flipping her long hair

Many of us still don’t use bobby pins the right way. The wavy side of the pins goes under the hair while the straight side sits on top. This will provide for a better grip on your hair extensions and save you a lot more time in hairstyling.

3. Don’t Use in Wet Hair

Whether you have water in your hair or some other hair product, do not put in bobby pins until it is completely dry. Using pins in wet hair will create bumps in your hairdo that can ruin the whole look.

4. Wrapped Ponytails

Bored of making a regular ponytail? Make this hairdo more exciting with some bobby pins. Take a section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Set this hairstyle by placing a few bobby pins at the base of the ponytail, and voila!

5. Curl Your Hair With Bobby Pins

No matter how much hair product you apply, keeping your curls in place can be impossible sometimes. Use bobby pins to roll your curls up after curling and remove when the hair cools down. This trick can help your hair stay curled up for longer and give a neat look to the entire hairstyle.

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