In 2021, we saw a lot of 90’s bobs, bold haircuts, and even mullets! However, with the new year around the corner, it’s time to say goodbye to the hairstyles of 2021 and welcome the latest haircuts. As any style expert would say, nothing helps you stand out more than your hairstyle, cut, and color!

Here are some celebrity-approved haircuts that you can rock in 2022.

1- Mid-Length Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are always in style, aren’t they?

You might have noticed many people around you being obsessed with bob haircuts, and honestly, that’s understandable! 2022 will be about bob haircuts that fall above the shoulder but below the chin. Well-known model and media personality Kourtney Kardashian was the first to jump on the bandwagon of preparing for 2022 with a mid-length bob haircut.

2- Bold Blunt Bangs

Are you someone who loves out-of-the-box eccentric hairstyles? If yes, then this one is for you! With straight bangs falling on your forehead, this haircut will make you look like a celebrity.

3- Thick Bob Haircut

At this point, we would have to write a separate blog dedicated to all the bob styles in 2022. But can you really blame people for loving bob cuts? Another haircut for 2022 is a thick bob haircut. Now you’re going to spend 2022 with a thicker, fuller head of hair. Hairstylists also recommend using hair extensions to get that perfect thicker hair look!

4- The ‘90s Layers

How many of you loved every other celebrity rocking layers in the ’90s? We definitely did! According to hairstylists, these classic layers will come back in 2022. However, this time they will be more modern than before. A layered haircut adds volume, style, shape, and more body to your hair. Furthermore, a layered haircut complements almost all kinds of face shapes!

5- Long, Sleek Strands

Are you a long-hair lover and tired of seeing short, neck-length haircuts? 2022 has something in store for you too! In 2022, you can keep your long hair and get them styled by a professional hairstylist to get that long and sleek hair look!

Go for a blunt chop at the bottom to add more volume to your hair, and your hair will look healthier, shinier, and thicker!

You can get sleek, long hair with quality hair extensions

No matter what haircut you’re choosing for 2022, remember to get your hair styled and cut from a professional hair salon because a ruined haircut doesn’t exactly say Happy New Year! At Hair Extensions of Houston, we have the best hair services in Houston. Our affordable hair maintenance and quality premium Russian hair extensions,natural curly tape in hair extensions ensure that you get your dream hair in 2022.

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