Prom is a landmark in a high schooler’s life, especially for the young girls who are becoming dazzling women. For all the girls out there who have no idea what kind of hairstyles are out there, the best strategy is to go to the best salon you can manage and leave it to them!

However, here are some inspirational looks that our stylists have recommended that you can consider for a stunning prom look!

Dye Transformation

If you really want to wow your friends and impress your date, consider changing it up completely. Take the plunge and ask your cosmetologist to consult on a color change for you. You could give your hair depth with simple balayage locks, or go completely wild with some out-of-the-box trends. Denim blue, emerald green or pastel pinks are all amazingly bold shades for you to rock!

Braids Galore

A classic prom hairdo is to incorporate braids. Some options to consider are a Dutch or French braid for a traditional sweetheart look. However, a braided crown or low bun can make you look classy and fun at the same time. Braids work best for girls with color variation in their hair because the braided patterns make the tones pop!

Retro Glam

For an old-school look, sieve through your mom’s prom pictures for some inspiration. One of our favorite looks is the classic rounded pin curls from the ’40s. This hairdo will give you Hollywood Golden Era vibes in the 21st century. Think Marilyn Monroe in her iconic blonde moments, which you can imitate with the perfect pop of red lip color.

Queen-Worthy Hairstyles

Ladylike Bun Moment

Prom is the first adult event of your life, which is why you might want to class it up with a chignon or a French twist. This one might be tough to get right, mainly because you’ll need a lot of hair to achieve the look. Ask your hair salonIn in Spring  for some hair loc extensions that will last you a long time so that your updo looks effortless and natural.

Casual Curls

Who has the patience to sit around on the day of the party at a salon for hours? If you want a quick style that will last you hours, ask for a blow-dry with curls for a 2000s supermodel red carpet style. You’ll be less worried about pins falling from your hair or the tightly wound strands giving you a headache. Your hair will be loose, free, and minimum maintenance!

An essential part of all these styles is that to get the perfect result, you should go to a good salon in your area. At Hair Extensions of Houston, we offer customizable services that are unique to every woman because every woman is unique! Call us at 832.717.3626 for an appointment to consult with our premier hairstylists at our professional hair extensions Houston, Texas, now!