Bobby pins have existed since the 19th century and are still just as useful today. The main reason for their popularity is their multi-functional nature. Girls of all ages use them for different hair styling purposes. Most of us have gone through hundreds of bobby pins in our life but never thought to make them the highlight of the hairdo. So here are a few suggestions from our hair extensions service experts to use bobby pins for some exciting hairstyles.

1. High, Side Ponytail

You can use your favorite multicolored or glittery bobby pins on the side of a high ponytail. This look is ideal for teenagers and works great with hair extensions for short hair.

2. A Bobby Pin Fan

If you like collecting sparkly hairpins, here is a unique way you can use them on any simple hairdo and make it stylish. You can arrange bobby pins on the side of your flat hair and create a triangular fan shape.

A girl in front of trees

3. Slicked Back Hair

If you like to try out flat and sleek hairdos, you can incorporate many types of bobby pins into this style. Clip in a bunch of silver bobby pins at the base to accentuate and outline any slicked-back look. Hair extensions maintenance professionals recommend using styling gels or oils to maintain this hairdo for longer.

4. Half-Up and Twisted

Take the front section of your hair and set it at the top with a few bobby pins. Then take two small sections from either side of your hair and twist them back. Secure these strands with a few more bobby pins on each side and enjoy manageable yet stylish hair.

5. Flat Updo

If you like to make an updo without volume at the top, this idea is perfect for you. Comb back your front hair in two sections and pin them at the back neatly with some colorful bobby pins. Put in alternating pins in the opposite directions for maximum grip.

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