As your outfits change with the shifting seasons, you should also consider giving a new look to your hair. In summers, you may let your hair down and let it flow with the breeze. But winters can be typically hard on your hair if left untied. Jackets, coats, and beanies complement some hairstyles better than others, and you should pick the one ideal for your hair’s length. Here are a few hairstyles that will help your hair look its best during snowy weather.

1. Low Pony Tail

You can try a clean and tidy ponytail that sweeps all of your hair back to accentuate your facial features. Another great option is to let some strands loose at the front to frame and narrow your face shape. You can save your hair extensions from snow damage by tying them up when outdoors and helping them last throughout the winter season.

2. Flipped-Out Style

This hairdo fits mid-length hair perfectly and gives a great look to a wide forehead. This style can be achieved at home or a salon without the use of any heating tools. It keeps the hair from getting into your eyes and makes for an ideal formal hairstyle.

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3. Braided Ponytail

Ordinary ponytails might lack volume at the crown, which is a necessity for round face shapes. By braiding your ponytail, you can give your hair a red carpet look without expensive styling procedures.

4. Low Side Bun

Side buns are a perfect hairdo for both indoors and outdoors during the snow season. You can let a few curls loose from the bottom of the bun for a more edgy look. Don’t worry if your hair isn’t long enough to pull off this hairdo. With hair extensions for short hair, you bring your hair down at the front and style them any way you want.

5. A Top Knot

This is the only hairdo people with long hair swear by for winters. It keeps most of your hair strands from coming in contact with direct snow.

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