Although wigs and hair extensions have been around for ages, there isn’t much known about where they come from.

Here are some crazy facts about wigs and extensions you probably didn’t know:

Most Hair Comes From China and India

Most wigs and extensions originate in India and China. In India, religious folks make pilgrimages to certain temples like the Venkateshwara Temple where they shave or tonsure their heads as part of the rituals to show their devotion to the gods. Hundreds of barbers line up in temples to shave people’s heads every 5 minutes. The temple collected these long strands of hair (some of which can be more than 30 inches long) and sells them at an auction. Hair from temples can go up to $700 per pound depending on its quality!

Making a High-End Wig Takes Days

Making wigs and extensions isn’t easy. After the hair is sold, it needs to be untangled and organized. If the hair has lice, it needs to be picked out. Once the hair is free of critters, it is washed, dried and dyed, after which is it made into a wig or sets of hair extensions.

Long, Naturally Blonde Hair Can Be Sold for $1,500

Naturally blonde hair is hard to find, which is why the price of blonde hair is significantly higher than that of darker hair.

Short Hair Is Also Sold

Although it isn’t as popular as long hair, short hair is also sold in the hair market. Because the demand for short hair isn’t very high, short hair is sold at much cheaper prices than long hair.

Synthetic Wigs Are Getting Better

Both the primary sources of human hair are much stronger today than they were in the past. People don’t need to sell their hair to make money. Due to the scarcity of hair donors, companies are forced to look for alternative solutions.

Companies that produce wigs and extensions using synthetic hair are investing heaps of money to enhance the quality of synthetic hair so it can replace human hair. In the near future, it will become difficult to tell synthetic hair from human hair.

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