Bad hair days happen to all of us, and bad hairstyles are no exception either.

However, unlike us common folks, celebrities have an army of stylists waiting to turn them into a memento of perfection. So, when celebrities do go through hair disasters, it’s nothing less than a lesson for us.

Here are a few celebrity hair disasters we will never recover from (but hopefully, always learn from):

Miley Cyrus and her Short Hair

Miley Cyrus famously shaved off part of her head, and her fans were quick to criticize. She did however blow off her haters saying she’s comfortable with her new hair and feels more like herself than ever.

However, a lesson can be learnt here: be cautious before chopping off all your locks, and if you do plan to, always consult a professional hairstylist.

Britney Spears Shaving Her Head

The queen of pop of the early ‘90s and ‘00s went to a random hair salon in 2007 and shaved her own head in front of hundreds of paparazzi. From then on, that moment has latched onto her life, changing people’s perception of her.

Lesson? Don’t touch those scissors when you wake up feeling like you need a change. If you really want to get a haircut, get it done from a well-known salon.

A woman with bad hair

Ke$sha and Her Fire-Lit Hair

She has proved that celebrities can really get away with ridiculous hair. Apart from her difficult to type name, Ke$sha has also sported some terrible hairstyles, including showing up in a giant Mohawk on the red carpet. Experiments like these don’t work in real life though, so beware.

Scarlett Johansson in a Mullet

ScarJo knows how to rock her looks, except that one time she didn’t. Back in 2003, she wore this mop of her with pride, and often with a dark smokey eye and a nude lip. Lesson? Stay away from mullets. At all costs.

Bleached Rihanna

Rihanna, while always on point with her looks, did take her pixie cut to another level by placing an odd single bleached strand on it. With vibrant makeup like hers, you don’t want trends like these.


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