Your little one is growing up so fast, and so is there hair!

Kids can be picky with their hairstyles. Some are more adventurous than others and want to try anything, while some kids prefer staying in the safe zone with a fashionable haircut that never goes out of style.

Most kids also have a keen desire to be liked by their peers at school and friends so that they are seen as the popular ones.

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Whether you’re looking for something fresh and new, or want a fun twist on an old favorite, these 5 trending haircuts will have your little one feeling like their inner fashionista!

Haircuts for Boys

#1 – The Classic Fade

Fades are a great haircut for the little ones who want to look classy and their parents who want something easy-to-manage.
A fade is a perfect hairstyle if you have little boys in your life who love to wear their hair neat, tidy, and well-groomed but still look cool enough for school!
>There’s never been an easier way of styling hair that is especially untamed than getting a fade and getting rid of the extra length.

#2 – Shaggy Hair

A shaggy cut is perfect for boys that are wild and are always looking to have a good time.
It’s adorable and low maintenance; which means it suits messy hair well! The untamed look is sure to give your little one a boyish charm that he’s going to love.
This style works best on hair types with texture so that your son will have fun brushing out his natural waves every morning before school.

Haircuts for Girls

#1 – The Side-Parted Bob

The side parted bob is perfect for little ones and is quite the rage in 2021.
It covers their face and has a nice angled layered look that curves into the hair framing their adorable faces perfectly!
With this hairstyle, there’s nothing better than those cute strands falling over her lovely little nose with the sides swept slightly to one side in an effortless fashion. And when you style it just right, not only will your baby love it but everyone else around them too!

#2 – Curtain Bangs with a Lob

Curtain bangs have a knack for being cute and innocent, despite their length.

These short-to-long strands are typically cut on the inside so that they’re shorter than those around the outside of your face.

However, these curtain fringe can be parted in any way to suit your little one best – center or off to one side!

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