Do your drool over the luscious locks of your favorite celebrities? Well, chances are the hair you’re envying is not even their real hair — they’re hair extensions! The more hair you have on your scalp, the more fun you’re going to have styling and coloring your hair extensions.

There are two kinds of extensions to choose from: permanent and non-permanent. The right one for you depends on the look you are trying to pull off, your natural hair, and your budget. Here’s everything you need to know as a newbie heading out to purchase custom blended hair extensions:

Permanent Extensions


This is a professional hair stylist’s job where they braid your hair into small cornrow strips, and then wefts (i.e., small pieces of hair) are woven using thread or glue into your hair. This method requires up to three or more hours to be installed and lasts up to four weeks.


Tape-ins cling onto the thicker sections of the hair using double-sided tape by adhering compact sections of hair onto the scalp. These must be refitted every eight weeks to move the tape closer to the scalp and should ideally be replaced twice a year. The more pieces you tie in, the more crowded your mane is likely to look.


Like tape extensions, bonds make use of small strips of hair in circular strands that bond hair using keratin attachments. New bonds typically last over six months but need to be tightened every six to eight weeks. The type of bonds you need to get fitted depends on your stylist’s recommendation.

Taped in hair extensions


Non-Permanent Hair Extensions


For a great majority, the go-to extensions seem to be clip-ins, as they allow you to add length and volume as well as your desired color for creating the perfect ombre/balayage look. Their lifespan largely depends on how well you care for them; they should last at least six months with the correct aftercare. If you have thick hair, start clipping in higher but if you have thin hair, start low and then work your way up, so you have plenty of hair at the top of your head to hide your extensions.

Real or fake?

Hair extensions are made using either human or synthetic hair. Experts mainly recommend investing in real or Remy hair extensions since they look the most natural. Moreover, the biggest drawback of synthetic hair is that it’s prone to damage or discoloration, while natural hair extension allows you to live your best life.

Care for your Hair Extensions

To increase the lifespan of your extensions, you must take care of them by washing them with a gentle shampoo weekly and use a restorative mask to add moisture into the hair shaft. Moreover, never toss your hair extensions just anywhere. Instead, place them in a ziplock bag to keep them tangle and dust-free. Lastly, get your hair extensions styled by the professional hairstylists at Hair Extensions of Houston. We provide services for installation, maintenance, coloring, and styling of your non damaging hair extensions in Houston, TX. Request your appointment today.