If you’re like most women, your hair has probably been through a lot.

Between color treatments, blowouts, and heat styling,you’ve probably caused some damage to your hair over the years. But you’re not alone; 91% of women do certain things that damage their hair every single day.

Getting a deep conditioning treatment can be a fantastic option if you’re looking to overcome symptoms of unhealthy hair and replenish your strands. It’s important for your scalp and hair follicles to stay healthy so that they can do their job of keeping you looking great!

The treatment works by restoring moisture back into dry hair, which may be caused by the overuse of products or chemically-treated strands. It helps strengthen each strand’s natural keratin sheath, which protects against damage and breakage while also sealing in shine with its powerful moisturizing properties.

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#1 – Dry and Limp Hair

Deep conditioning treatments are essential for combatting dry and limp hair. This type of damage can result from several reasons, including over-styling or using the wrong products.

It’s an excellent treatment to add moisture back into your strands by filling in any gaps that may have been created due to excessive heat styling tools like curling irons, flatirons, blow-dryers, or environmental damage.

#2 – Suffering from Hair Fall

For those who suffer from constant hair loss or breakage due to protein deficiencies or harsh chemical treatments, the problem can be deeply upsetting.
While shedding 50 to 100 hair a day is standard, around 50% of women start losing their hair even before they’re 50 years of age.

Hair loss can be a huge blow to a woman’s confidence, so invest in your hair before it’s too late.
A deep conditioning treatment will leave your strands luscious and healthy so that they don’t just look good, but uphold their firmness and don’t break.

#3 – Split and Damaged Ends

Split and damaged ends are a common problem for women who have dry or coarse hair because the proteins that strengthen their hair are lost at an accelerated rate.

A regular deep conditioning treatment can help rejuvenate your scalp’s natural oils, which will then be able to produce more amino acids needed forstrength-building purposes.

#4 – Dull Hair Even after Styling

For women with damaged hair, styling can be a great mask to cover the dullness and add that extra boost of volume and shine.

However, if you notice that even after styling your hair, the strands don’t get that signature luster and look dry and dull, it’s time to get a deep conditioning treatment.


A hair treatment for damaged hair


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