Raise your hand if you’ve seen The Bachelor and instantly began to envy the hair of the gorgeous contestants from the new season in 2020!

Trust us, you’re not the only one.

The Bachelor is easily one of the most popular relationship reality television series that has everyone hooked to their screens for an hour every week. If you’re one of them, we don’t have to tell you just how beautiful all contestants look—especially their hair!

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest hair trends in the 24th season of the popular reality TV show.

Beachy blonde waves

Worn by the beautiful 28-year-old Kelsey, this hairstyle is one of those timeless hair trends that aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Sexy and undone—the messy yet put together beachy waves are the perfect reminder of a warm sunny summer day by the beach. It can be styled effortlessly and is the perfect mix of gritty and polished strands.

Tight and stringy curls

Alexa’s beautifully clear and dusky skin blew us away, but her hair is what we’re drooling after! Those voluminous and tight curls sitting atop her head are to die for!

Shiny, stringy, and natural, Alexa usually wears her curls in an elegant top-knot or lets them loose over her shoulders. Safe to say, we were all rooting for those glorious curls to make it to the finale!

Hottest Hair Trends2

Short wavy lob

Natasha’s big eyes and jet black hair is what drew us to her in the first place. Styled in a lob that’s parted in the middle, her hair strands curl loosely to the sides, giving her a casual look.

She wears her hair loose on her shoulder or puts it up in a bun, leaving out two strands of jet black hair that beautifully frame her exquisite bone structure.

Straight red hair

Lexi was a sight for sore eyes with her auburn and coppery hair that definitely stole the spotlight on the season since day 1.

Her straight locks were easy to style and impossible to ignore! She wore her hair in a middle part or swept them to the side over one shoulder as her signature look on the show.

Hottest Hair Trends3

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