They look stylish, give you the extra length you’ve always wanted and helps you stand out from the crowd; hair extensions are a great way to add the extra oomph to your look.

However, if the disconcerting stories about hair extensions have caused confusion about their utility, we’re here to separate fact from fiction. Let’s go through some common misconceptions about hair extensions and see how they don’t hold any truth:

Hair extensions will damage your hair

This is perhaps the most widely circulated myth about hair extensions. Part of the reason why people think hair extensions can cause damaged, broken, and thin hair is because permanent hair extensions that use glue, heat, and clamp for installation can, in fact, harm your hair.

However, clip-in hair extensions are safe to use and don’t cause any damage. Make sure that you remove the extensions before going to bed and taking a shower. Place and remove them carefully to avoid any unintentional damage.

Hair extensions won’t blend in

While you may have seen pictures of some questionable blends on the television and magazines, if you choose the right hair extensions according to your hair type and color, you won’t end up with a phony looking head.

There’s a learning graph when it comes to hair extensions, clipping, and styling. However, with time, you can learn to have the most natural-looking extensions that seamlessly blend in with your hair.

A woman with long blond hair standing against a purple wall

Clips can stop hair growth

This is surprisingly one of the most talked-about myths regarding hair extensions. While clips can attach the extensions to your hair, making them look naturally long and shiny, they can’t hinder hair growth. So, when you’re waiting to grow out your desired length, get some extensions, and enjoy the feel of having that gorgeous length.

Hair extensions can cause headaches

Some people seem to believe that hair extensions can weigh down one’s head and cause headaches. The thing about hair extensions is that if you get ones that weigh 200g, your head will feel exactly 200g heavier.

While this may be a problem for some, in the beginning, you can get used to the weight and won’t notice a thing with time. Alternately, you can opt for lighter hair extensions in the beginning and eventually move up to the heavier ones.

At Hair Extensions of Houston, we offer the most natural-looking hair extensions that will blend in seamlessly with your hair. We don’t use heat, glue, or tape to install hair extensions but offer the original hair-loc system to give you the luscious length while ensuring hair safety.

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