Celebrities seem to have it all; great hair, beautiful clothes, and exciting lives. But while you might think their looks are unattainable, the good news is: they’re sharing their secrets!

Here are some hair tips and tricks that celebrities swear by:

Keep it moisturized

Hair can get dry. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, no one is immune to losing moisture and shine in their hair. Zoë Kravitz swears by coconut oil or rosemary oil as the key to her healthy, moisturized hair.

The actress claims her naturally curly hair tends to get dry, so keeping it healthy and hydrating her scalp is non-negotiable. Considering how gorgeous the actress always looks, we’re going out and get some coconut oil too!

Revitalize your hair often

Hot tools and different hairstyles can lead to lasting damage if you don’t care for your hair right. British presenter, Maya Jama, swears by an at-home mask to combat damage and provide your hair with some much-needed nutrients. She recommends a olive oil, egg, and manuka honey mask to give yourself shiny, healthy hair that’s full of life.

Fake it

Fake it

You know what they say, “fake it till you make it.” That’s something we’ve learned seeing our favorite pop-star, Ariana Grande, and her gorgeous hair. Having damaged her hair due to over-bleaching and dyeing, the singer took to hair extensions to allow her natural hair to flourish.

If you’re struggling with damaged hair and can’t figure out how to go about your days while letting your hair rejuvenate, take a page out of Ariana’s book. Pop in some hair extensions to give your hair a natural, voluminous look while allowing your own hair to regrow and revitalize. Opt for safe, non-damaging hair extensions—like the original hair-loc system—to get seamless, natural-looking hair. Our salon can help you get the hair extensions of your dreams.

Cover it up

The hot, summer days can take a toll on your gorgeous hair. Victoria Beckham faces the same problem; damage to your hair and experiencing sunburn on your scalp are very normal aspects of being exposed to the sun.

Cover it up

Try the singer’s technique and put on a hat during the hottest months of the year. Not only will you protect your precious hair, but you’ll also look effortlessly chic while you’re at it.

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