Sydney Sweeney gave us life (and some anger issues) this season of Euphoria. From looking like Maddie to get Nate’s attention to that Oklahoma misunderstanding, she has given us some major hair envy in her role and real life.

Here are some lessons we’ve learned from the one-and-only Sydney Sweeney.

A New Do Can Make You Look Like a New Person

A hair lesson we already know but are happy to learn again is the power of a new do. Sydney Sweeney underwent an aesthetic transformation as her Euphoria character. The actress’s new look stole all the shine from her on-screen counterpart.

Sydney Sweeney stepped on the red carpet of the 2022 Film Independent Awards, trading in her blonde hair for a strawberry blonde look. The lash-skimming fringe made the bright hue even better. She really did look like a new person!

Sometimes All the Glamor You Need is Soft Waves

The glamorous look is all we want for every holiday this year. This is Sydney Sweeney’s signature look off-screen, and we can see why. All you need is a curling iron, and you’re good to go.

girl wearing sky blue dress

It’s the Season of Major Throwbacks

This year is all about Y2K trends making a major comeback. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, and hair are an ode to this fun era. For a show that set the trends in its first season, the second was about embracing the latest ones.

The bubble braid was iconic, but it wasn’t the only Y2K style she debuted. Another one was her small braids on the front on either side with the rest of her hair in waves.

This one is also easy to recreate as well.

braided blond hair

You Can Spin an Atrocity into Something Cute

Season 2 of Euphoria had some major moments and some that were dramatic just for the sake of it. One we look back at with a ‘huh?’ was definitely when the girls were just in the bathroom mocking Sydney Sweeney’s character for looking like a character in a play.

Yes, we’re talking about the infamous ‘Oklahoma play’ look. You know that play that turned out to be really something else.

Sydney Sweeney later took a crack at that hairstyle and turned it into something wearable and adorable. All this with just a bandana and her signature soft waves!

blond fringes hair cut

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