St Patrick’s Day is coming up and we’re excited to see people show off their Irish pride in their green outfits and shamrock accessories! One of the most important parts of an outfit is the hairstyle, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for you to try out this festive season:

Classic curls with a twist

Nothing beats a classy hairdo like face framing curls for special occasions, but you can match the festivities by dyeing your hair green! Whether you go for a more permanent solution to rock for the next few months, or get temporary dye for your strands, it’s going to look amazing. Try going for different shades of green to create some depth and pair it with some sparkly green heels and a bowtie.

Glittery shamrocks

If you don’t want to take the big step and dye your hair, you can still stick with the theme with some adorable sparkly shamrock clips in your hair! Create a simple knotted updo by prepping your hair with plenty of dry shampoo to give it some volume and tying it at the base of your neck. Twist it up and pin it into place before inserting the clips to create a cute and simple St. Patrick’s look.

Braids all the way

Braids play a large part in Irish tradition and history and were often worn by ancient Celts. Create an elegant updo with small braids leading towards the back of your head to combine them into one larger braid with green extensions! Pancake the braid to make it look thicker and more voluminous and insert shamrock leaves or clips down the length for some additional Irish spirit!


Bubble braids are inherently adorable, and so are bows—why not combine them together to create a flowing bubble braid with a touch of Irishness using green bows and little shamrock clips? Divide your hair into three parts and prep it with texturizing spray before tying the top section into a ponytail. Add the lower section into the tail and tie it again, before continuing downwards. Tie some large fluffy bows and voila!

Hair getting curled

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