We’ve all got someone in our circle who has a horror story about extensions which they hear from a friend of a friend. Most of the time, we’re guilty of believing them. That’s especially true for first-timers who aren’t aware of the workings of extensions. While it’s true that you’ll need to pay more attention to hair maintenance. These myths are more or less fake. Here are the 4 popular debunked hair extension myths.

Hair Extensions Will Thin-Out Your Hair

For some reason, this myth is associated with every hair styling treatment. Most people seem to think that getting hair extensions or other hair treatments will damage your hair over time. But this simply isn’t true. A good expert will take good care in putting the extensions in. They would also make sure that there aren’t any underlying issues with your hair because they can cause damage. If your hair is healthy, you don’t need to worry about hair damage from extensions.

Extensions Will Give You Headaches

While your hair may feel heavier with all the extra layers, it’s nowhere near the amount that’ll cause headaches. In the beginning, you may feel slight discomfort. That’s because you aren’t used to wearing extensions. Give it some time, and it won’t even be noticeable. However, some people have chronic health issues that can cause headaches easily. So make sure you consult this with your stylist before getting the extensions.

They Are High-Maintenance

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One of the reasons people opt for extensions is because they are low maintenance. If you have a good hair care routine, chances are your extensions will stay good for a long time. There will be some changes to the routine to prevent the extensions from falling off, but other than that, there are no difficult maintenance tips. Just make sure that you clean your hair properly and that your stylist recommends your hair products. Do this, and your extensions will remain good as new.

Extensions Will Look Fake

If you purchase cheap hair extensions or get them done from a shady place, you can bet they’ll look fake. But a high-end hair salon like Hair Extensions of Houston has decades of experience and trained professionals to place extensions. Meaning not only will your extensions be placed properly, but they’ll also seamlessly blend in with your natural hair.

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