If you’re a parent of a little girl, the time has come to think about back-to-school haircuts.

The return to school this term is already going to be pretty bumpy so getting started on the right foot is important. Your child has been away from her friends for a while, and a gorgeous haircut can make her feel confident upon her return.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose the best one for your child. Always match your child’s haircut to their personality type so that they look and feel like themselves.

Above all, convenience is the key when selecting haircuts for children. They’re not going to have the patience to allow you to style their hair every morning, so something easy breezy is always the way to go.

At Hair Extensions of Houston, we treat our little ladies with the utmost care and warmth. We’re a full-service premium salon in Texas and offer a wide range of services. Consider getting our premium haircuts, treatments, and hair extensions while the little one gets a haircut.
Choosing a new haircut can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with this list of haircuts that are perfect for girls just starting school.

Read on to find the best haircut for your child.

#1 – The Fringe

What’s cuter than a simple, sleek haircut?

While the back is an ordinary straight cut, the front is shaped with sculpting fringes to add drama to the little one’s personal style.

With fringes that can be styled in front or pushed to the sides during play, this look is the perfect blend of fancy, yet messy — all in a cute way.

It’s perfect to accessorize during dance rehearsals and recitals and, with minimal effort, adds the extra pop of sass to her vibe.

#2 – An Asymmetrical Lob

Add a whimsical touch to your child’s cut!

This is for the extra sassy little ones who love to flaunt their style. An asymmetrical lob maintains the length of her hair while giving her an edgy look that requires little to no maintenance.

Whether her hair is brushed and neat or she’s just been back from playtime, her hair is sure to look trendy.

#3 – A Graduated Bob

While a bob is a no-brainer for any little girl, a graduated bob will just give you that extra volume and style without making the cut very hard to manage.

That extra bit of graduation gives the hair some shape and volume so that she rocks the cute yet efficient Violet Beauregarde look.

#4 – Shoulder-length Layers with Bangs

This one’s for the girly girls!

While they’ve got longer lengths, some layers just add depth and make their hair lighter and easier to manage. Nobody likes a flat look.

With bangs to frame the face, she’ll be flaunting her look whether it’s let loose or bunched up into a ponytail.

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