The beauty industry is high on products and gadgets. Whether it’s a facial massager, electronic cleanser, a blow dryer, or even a range of curlers, you’ll find a quick and easy solution for all your cosmetic needs. One invention that has been every woman’s saving grace since the ’90s is the hair straighter. What started off as a simple flattening device now comes with a wide range of specifications. From ceramic to titanium iron, steam straighteners, to ionic straighteners, there are tons of hair straighteners on the market, making it difficult to choose the right one. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Consider the Type of Ironing Plates

There are three types of plates: ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. Each of these is designed for different hair types. Ceramic plates are a popular choice; these plates warm up within 10 to 15 seconds while ensuring even heat distribution. Ceramic plates work well for all types of hair. If you have thin, damaged hair, then Tourmaline plates are an ideal option. These plates radiate negative ions, which lock moisture and shine in your hair. They’re also great for preventing frizz. Titanium plates suit people with thicker hair. They’re lighter in weight and more durable compared to the other two. It heats up faster than ceramic plates and works with ionic charges to keep your hair looking shiny.

2. Find the Right Size 

When we said hair straighteners come in a massive variety, we weren’t kidding. You’ll find hair straighteners in different sizes and widths. Whether you’re looking for a 1.25-inch one or something wider like a 2.5 inch, you’ll find it all. The small, thin irons are ideal for women with shorter hair. These also work for styling your bangs and is travel-friendly. The larger, wider straighteners are best for women with longer, thicker hair. This is because they tend to cover more surface area and ensures even heat distribution.

A woman with long, straight hair.



3. Learn About the Temperature

To put it simply, the hotter the iron, the faster and more effective the straightening. However, what’s important is to remember that these high temperatures can damage your hair. This is why we recommended buying a straightener that has adjustable temperature settings.


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