We often think of all the things that we can do for our hair in the morning hours, but your haircare routine and lifestyle before bedtime can determine your hair’s overall health and beauty just as much! Bedtime is when your hair gets a break from heat damage and general tangles, and your scalp gets a chance to just breathe without being suffocated by any products.

Here are some things that you shouldn’t do before bed if you want to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing:

Don’t go to sleep with wet hair

We understand the appeal of taking a warm shower right before bed, but sleeping with wet strands is a horrible decision for your hair’s health. Wet hair is super weak, and the friction of laying your head against your pillow, along with tossing and turning in your sleep, can cause your hair to snap much easier than when it’s dry. If you don’t have the time or energy to dry your hair before going to bed, keep it in a loose braid for protection.

Don’t use elastic bands

Never tie your hair into buns or ponytails when you’re going to sleep, especially not with elastic hair ties! These hairstyles put pressure on the hair around your hairline, which can eventually lead to it receding prematurely. If you wear your hair up throughout the day, you’ll only cause more damage if you keep it the same way as you sleep. Create a low bun or loose braid using a silk scrunchie to keep your hair protected.

Don’t use a cotton pillowcase

You’ve probably heard beauty gurus talking about satin or silk pillowcases many times—and for a good reason! Cotton depletes your hair’s moisture and leaves it feeling frizzy and dry. It’s also uncomfortable for your skin overall, especially if you live in a hot and humid area, where the moisture remains trapped in your sheets. You can also use a satin or silk scarf to wrap around your hair if you don’t have the budget to upgrade your pillowcase!

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