Finding the perfect products for your hair can be challenging, especially when you’re on a budget or trying to avoid harsh chemicals.

Hair conditioner has been a staple of the beauty routine for decades, and everyone wants to try out different products. However, finding the right product for you can be tough.

Lucky for you, we’ve broken it down. Our hair experts at Hair Extensions of Houston take care of all your hair restoration needs. Our services include premium salon services and high-quality hair extensions in Texas.

Here’s how to choose:

Only Choose Natural and Organic

Natural and organic conditioners are a great option for people who want their hair to be as healthy as possible.

With all the harsh chemicals in most other shampoo brands, you need something designed specifically for natural beauty needs. These products give you the best results without causing any damage that can lead to tangles or frizziness in the long run.

Haircare should be done with caution because anything too harsh could leave it dry, brittle, clumpy, and full of knots, which would only make your life miserable!

Organic conditioners are just what you need for healthy hair since they contain ingredients like Shea butter and Primrose Oil that provide nutrients needed for strong strands from roots to tips. They prevent breakage due to the protein-rich formula infused within them.

Know the Types

There’s a conditioner for every occasion — whether you’re looking for something that will help style your hair after washing them or just need some extra hydration to improve the texture!

There are three kinds of conditioners: Leave-In, Rinse Out, and Deep Conditioning. Knowing which one to use depends on the type of hair you have.

Leave-in Conditioners: The purpose of leave-in conditioners is to allow the strands enough time to soak in the moisture of the conditioner and let it penetrate deeply. It’s applied to freshly washed hair.

Rinse-out Conditioners: These are the common types you apply after shampooing your hair and massage gently through the hair, avoiding the roots for 10 minutes. The conditioner must then be rinsed away.

Deep Conditioning: These are moisture-packed treatments that work best when administered by professionals like those at our salon. They replenish the proteins and natural oils of the hair, leaving them refreshed and full of life.

Haircare by Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy’s haircare range is the best there can be. It offers unparalleled hydration and protection, leaving your hair looking its absolute finest!

Kevin Murphy has been a top name in haircare for decades because his products are incredibly effective at cleaning up frizz and knots without drying out strands.

Kevin always uses natural ingredients, which offer an all-natural experience with none of those pesky synthetic chemicals you find at most drugstores.

We highly recommend the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me-Rinse Rinse-Out Conditioner and the Kevin Murphy Young Again Leave-in Conditioning Treatment.

Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me-Rinse


Whether you need a deep conditioning treatment or would like to purchase Kevin Murphy’s products, visit our salon in Houston, Texas. We offer premium salon services at Hair Extensions of Houston to give you the best haircare and high-quality premium Russian hair extensions.

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