Are you blessed with adorably full cheeks and a softer jawline? Congratulations, you have a round face! There are many lovable features about a round face, such as the fact that you might have a baby face that’ll make you appear younger than you are—something you won’t truly appreciate until you start getting on in your adult years.

If you want to slim your face down to balance your look, the tight haircuts and hairstyles can all the shape and angle your face. Here’s what you can try:

Textured bob

Messy bobs are a classic look here to stay, and they’re great for round and chubby faces due to their versatility! Tousle your strands to gently fall right in front of your ears as a way to elongate and slim your face down.

Take some mousse onto the palm of your hand and scrunch it through damp hair before diffusing it with cold air to get the perfect lived-in look. You can also try spraying your hair with sea salt spray while scrunching the ends to achieve that beautiful beach babe look.

Curtain bangs

This ‘70s style bang has been making a comeback, and we’re absolutely in love. These face-framing, center-parted bangs can give your face the illusion of being slimmer. Make sure that the ends of your bangs hit below the fullest part of your face in order to conceal the width.

While the style itself looks rather easygoing, curtain bangs are some of the most high-maintenance bangs out there. You’ll need to visit your hairstylist every month, while blow-drying them to fall perfectly every day.

Sleek and straight

This classic cut is flattering for any face shape. Perfectly straightened strands might make it feel counterintuitive to disguise a chubby face, but the presence of face-framing layers can help sculpt your cheekbones and jawlines while taking attention away from the width of your face.

 A woman with long hair and an orange top

Get hair extensions services!

One of the best ways to slim your face down is to add plenty of length and volume around it—the bigger your hair, the smaller your face will seem in comparison. That’s why you should get high-quality hair extensions! Brenda is a top hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston who has mastered the art of copper lock hair extension system using real Russian hair—it’s extremely easy to blend in with your own hair once you get the right color match. Our wide range of services includes haircuts for women, tape in extensions Houston TX, and hair extension maintenance.

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