Right off the bat, we’d like to educate you on what a fantasy hair color actually is — a fantasy color is one that isn’t a natural hair color. Think blue, green, purple, orange, or a whole rainbow on your head. Dyeing your hair a fantasy color can make you feel like a new person. Here are three other reasons we suggest you book an appointment for getting your hair dyed in a fantasy color from Hair Extensions of Houston in Houston, TX:

To Be Your Vibrant Self

You’re a vibrant person. Why would you want to shy away from that? If your feel like purple is how you’re feeling, or if pink helps you express yourself, go for it. You have all the right to incorporate a color explosion in your life if that’s what you want — you do you, girl!

To Stand Out from the Crowd

Why blend in when you were made to stand out? Fantasy-colored hair is the new norm, and even if it weren’t approved as ‘normal’ by society, you could make them see otherwise. Blonde hair was once seen as unattractive and dull, but when the ‘blondes have more fun’ campaign came out, it changed people’s opinion on the color. Plus, it may be the easiest way to do something different without making a huge commitment.

To Keep Up with Technology

You switch tabs between Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, and all that you’re likely to see are photos of influencers dressed in fantasy colors. These are the same photos people bring with them to the salon for hair color inspiration. The more attractive your unnatural hair color, the more likely it is for you to become digital in a high-definition way.

Rainbow-colored hair


Fix the Length and Volume of Your Fantasy Hair

Add volume, length, color, and texture as desired with the best of hair extensions from Hair Extensions of Houston. Our hair extension installation service is offered using the single strand, non-damaging LOC hair extension technique. It secures premium quality premium Russian hair extensions to natural hair with a copper tube that can be crimpled for your hair to not give away its secret!