Planning a date with the love of your life or attending your BFF’s engagement party? Whatever the occasion might be, you have to look your best. From finding the right outfit, matching accessories, a fancy bag to complement it, and shoes, there’s a lot to do! Luckily, we’re here to help you out in the hair department. Here are some trendy, classy, and just overall stylish open-hair hairstyles, to rock that evening event.

Headband Braid

If you’re looking for something romantically gorgeous, this headband braid will be the perfect option. It shows that you’ve put in the effort and time to ensure your hair looks its best. Begin by parting your hair from the center and sectioning out of a bunch of hair from the bottom right side. Braid this section and tie it with a transparent band. Next, bring this braid across to the other side, and secure it with bobby pins right behind the ear. Make sure the braid sits properly on your head, imitating a hairband. Curl the loose ends of your hair and complete the look by adding some rhinestone accessories to the braid. You’ll have a look that’s dreamy and so Insta-worthy!

Half-up Bun

If you can’t decide between keeping your hair loose or tying it up, try the half-up bun style. Section your hair in half (horizontally) and tie the upper section in a bun. Don’t forget to tease the hair for extra volume. Next, add silk scrunchies for that classy vibe. You can curl the loose ends or leave them straight. This is a super easy and fast style that will have heads turning wherever you go.

A woman curling her hair.


Rhinestone Head Band

If you’re not in for effort, simply wear a fancy headband and curl the rest of your hair. You’ll find a variety of headbands available online, or get some specially designed based on your outfit. Some even come with pearls and rhinestones attached that give a royal feel. Whether you’re wearing a flowy gown or a sleek dress, these headbands will instantly elevate the look.

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