So you saw this person on Tinder and swiped right for a match.

And a million and one texts later, you’re finally meeting them! You’re probably feeling butterflies everywhere in your body. It’s a beautiful feeling isn’t it?

Spending nights thinking about what you’re going to wear, daydreaming about your perfect fairytale entrance, overthinking every hairstyle Google suggests—all of these feelings hold a certain charm.

But it can also get overwhelming. Luckily, when it comes to the hair department, we have your back.

Here are three magical hairstyles to turn to when going on your first date with someone.

Play On Your Natural Beauty With Loose Curls

First Date1

The loose curls style works especially well if the person you’re meeting has never seen you before; for example, in the case of a dating app. This is because the look enhances your natural beauty changes your face.

Oftentimes, hairstyles and Instagram pictures bring focus to different facial features, enhancing and pronouncing them for added effect. On your first date, you want to keep things real.

To create this look, loosely curl the ends of your hair with the help of a curling wand and gently finger comb them to separate the curls. Pair the hair look with delicate jewelry and a light-colored shirt.

Let Your Face Take Center Stage With The Reverse Crown Braid

First Date2

The reverse crown braid shows that you’ve made an effort, but not too much of an effort.

This hairstyle is the perfect balance between glamour and effortless elegance.

If the person you’re going out with knows you from somewhere apart from just a dating app, this look will give them the necessary sense of subtle validation and tell them you’re willing to make an effort for the people you admire.

To create this look, make the crown braid, only, towards the back of your head.

For a romantic dinner, add a couple of barrettes or flower pins for a touch of sophistication.

Win Hearts With A Half-Up Half Down Look

First Date3

This look can be worn with any hairstyle and takes a grand total of five minutes to pull together.

To create this look, sweep the top half of your hair toward the back of your hair and clip it in place with a fancy barrette. Next, pull out your bangs or fringes and you’re done.

Complete the look with some cute earrings and don’t forget to wear that smile!

While these hair looks will be sure to save your date, longer hair and thicker volume will do wonders to enhance all these styles.


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