Don’t you just hate it when your hair refuses to grow no matter how much time and effort you invest in it? You aren’t alone in this!

Several factors contribute to fast hair growth and less hair loss. Amongst these factors, some are out of your control. However, you can positively impact hair growth by focusing on other factors.

We list some habits that promote hair growth – It’s time to get thin, short hair out and long, thick hair in!

1- Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Your eating choices directly affect your hair. Brittle hair or hair that has stopped growing might signify nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, you need to add certain foods to your daily diet to promote hair growth.

Consume foods rich in vitamin B2, as this nutrient is responsible for hair growth. The common sources of vitamin B2 are eggs, meat, cereals, bread, and green vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

Furthermore, the National Institute of Health states that hair loss and thinning results from a vitamin B7 deficiency. To ensure that you get enough vitamin B7, you should eat eggs, salmon, pork, almonds, sweet potatoes, and dairy products like milk and yogurt. According to other scientific research, protein deficiencies can also lead to hair fragility, causing hair to break easily. You can promote hair growth by eating foods rich in amino acids like fish, poultry, lentils, and seeds.

2- Getting Scalp Massages Regularly

Scalp massages don’t just relax your body; they also have other benefits like boosting hair growth! According to a study, massaging your scalp for 4 minutes every day increases hair thickness. This happens because massaging your scalp improves blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles. This is an easy and relaxing way to get the best hair of your life.

3- Avoid Using Too Much Hair Products

While hair products are an effective way to style your hair, their excessive use can lead to hair loss. Dermatologists suggest minimizing the use of hair care products and hairstyling tools, especially straighteners and curlers. This heat can weaken the hair shaft, causing your hair to get damaged and stop growing.

Avoid using hair styling devices frequently to boost thin hair growth

If you follow all these tips and more but still see no improvement in your hair growth, you should get high-quality hair extensions.

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