Fine hair is beautiful and can give you the sleek and sexy look most people crave, but there is an obvious downside to having them that most enviers don’t realize. For one, fine hair fall flat and make you look almost bald if you don’t make effort to style them.

Another fun fact is that there comes a time when you start believing that you’ve already overdone any and every possible hairstyle and there’s nothing more that you can do with them. Which is also valid because fine hair IS a little harder to style, and sometimes you just want to look like you have a full head of hair that speaks for itself!

Well, we’ve got your back. For your ease, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to make thin and fine hair look fuller and thicker, without having it look fake.

Add Volume With A Choppy Cut

Fine Hair Look Thicker2

One of the best ways to add volume to fine hair without any additional products or heating tools, is to go for a choppy haircut like layers and steps. These layers give the illusion of thicker hair by adding to the amount of visible hair overall to look at.

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Switch Up Your Part

Another super easy hack is to switch up your hair part. If you normally roll with a middle part, try a side part instead and vise versa. Switching this up gives your hair an instant lift and makes your hair appear a little fuller.

However if you’re using this technique, make sure to follow up keep switching your part every few days to keep the effect fresh and consistent.

Consider Getting Hair Extensions

While the methods discussed above work and are loved and used personally by many of our clients, they are temporary and aren’t nearly as effective as actually having a gorgeous mane of thick and luscious hair.

One of the best ways to acquire it, even if you have thin hair, is to go for hair extensions. These are an easier, more manageable and a longer-term solution than to keep spend an hour in front of the mirror each day trying to get your hair to look good.

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