If last year focused on no-fuss, simple haircuts, this year it’s time to let loose. With New York returning to its pre-pandemic hustle, bustle, and flair, it’s the perfect time to go for a new and exotic haircut.

A new haircut is like an announcement that the new you is here and more ready than ever to take on the world. It signifies change and gives you a chance to feel fresh and excited. With everyone returning to the social scene, every woman wants a new haircut that will make them the center of attention at every holiday party.

Here are a few exotic haircuts you need to try out.

Face-Framing Layers

The 90s influence remains strong on the hair game with face-framing layers. Stylists say these layers are a great way to try something new without drastically changing your entire look.

The haircuts work best if you have straight and long hair. These layers add shape, texture, and volume to your long hair and delicately frame your face according to your face shape and other features of your face.


This haircut involves buzzing off the lower half of your hair, no matter your hair length. As people return to the salons and reunite with their favorite hairstylists, they want to try out something new that they couldn’t do at home during the lockdown.

Women want to wear something super easy to carry and make them feel confident. For people with thick and long hair, it’s a great way to remove bulkiness. You’ll feel much lighter without losing too much hair.

A woman getting a hair cut from a professional at a hair salon


Curtain Bangs

Various celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Anne Hathaway have been spotted wearing curtain bangs. This retro fringe is a great choice to make a style statement and give you a fresh, new look.

They are low maintenance and are great to frame your face.

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