Much like clothes, makeup, and other accessories, hairstyles play a vital role in our appearance. Obviously, we all want to look good, but we often struggle to get our hair to look perfect.

We understand if you don’t have time to try out new hairstyles every morning and just want something simple to keep your hair out of your face and look good, which is why we bring you our guide to simple, quick hairstyles.

If you’re heading out to work, college or date and need to rush your hairstyling, we’ve got you. Here are some simple and easy hairstyles you can do in under two minutes and be out on the streets.

Messy bun with a braid

A messy bun has to be every lazy girls’ favorite hairstyle. It takes no effort, no hairspray or pins. You just need your trusty elastic band to hold your hair up, and you’re good to go.

However, this simple hairstyle won’t work if you’re trying to put some effort into your appearance. So what do you do? Add braids, duh!

Before you start braiding, gather all your hair, tie them up on top of your head or wherever you want your bun to sit.

Once you have a ponytail, divide it into three strands and start braiding. Instead of securing your braid with an elastic, you wrap it around in a bun and use pins to hold it in place. Pull out some pieces in the front to frame your face, and you’re done.

Side braid

If you’re not a fan of putting your hair up, side braids are the perfect hairstyle for you. They’re equally simple, stylish, elegant and will take your ensembles to the next level.

Side braids are a very versatile hairstyle, and you can rock them for a more casual look with skirts and jeans or make it more formal with fancy floral clips and a dress.

For a side braid, you just need to part your hair off to one side, take three strands and start braiding. Once you get to the very end, secure it with an elastic or clip and pull on the hair strands to add more volume.

 side braid with long hair extensions

Fishtail ponytail

What’s easier than a three-strand braid? A two-strand braid. For a fishtail ponytail, you need to start by tying your hair up in a ponytail and dividing it into two sections.

Pull a small strand of hair from one section and move it over to the other section. Alternate between the sections, and soon you’ll run out of hair to braid, and that’s when you secure the ends with an elastic.

Most of these hairstyles look incredible, mostly with long hair, but if your hair isn’t long enough for these, let us help you!

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