Do you love over-the-top hairdos that make you stand out from the crowd? Well, you’re not the only one. Hollywood celebrities are big on unconventional hairdos, where some celebrities are more famous for their hairdos than their movie roles, looks, or talent. Thousands of people around the globe follow these celebrities for their hairstyles. Here’s how you too can turn heads wherever you go!

Here are some celebrities that are known for their eccentric hairstyles.

1- Lady Gaga and Her Iconic Hairdos

No one does it like the iconic singer Lady Gaga when it comes to unconventional and bold fashion. The star is known for her eccentric hairstyles, but unlike other celebrities, she never repeats a hairstyle. And it’s not just her hairstyles; her clothes, makeup, shoes, and accessories all make her stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s her well-known hair bow or her teal-colored hair tower, all of her hairdos have made some juicy fashion headlines. And we understand why!

Get inspiration from her hairstyles, and you’ll surely be the highlight of your next gathering. Well, between us, all hail Queen Gaga!

2- Miley Cyrus and Her Unique Hair Styles

Do you try every new hairdo in the town? You might think you change your hair too fast, but you can’t beat Miley Cyrus in trying every new hair trend. But, not all styles that Miley has tried were trendy; some of them were so out-of-the-box that they became an immediate hit.

An example of this was the 2015 Met Gala look, where Miley followed the China Theme in a short hairdo with blue and greenish highlights. Another instance of her following the latest trend and rocking it was her memorable short haircut, with front long bangs in October 2013.

3- Nicki Minaj and Her Bold Hairstyles

Nicki Minaj is known for her bold lyrics, outfits, and, not to forget, her hairstyles. She has donned a soft green bob, hair full of volume, a pink cotton candy hairdo, acid green and blonde hair tower, and other looks in the past. She just loves to sport such eccentric hairstyles and leave her fans awestruck!

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