Whether you’ve already begun or are just starting, you know that wedding planning is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. From choosing the perfect dress to deciding on a venue, bridesmaid dresses, and menu, there are tons of things to look out for. Lucky for you, we’ve got the hair department covered. Here are some intricate, stylish, and dreamy hairstyles for your big day:

Loosened French Braid Crown

If you’re looking for a detailed updo, then a loosened French braid crown is one that will surely elevate your look. All you have to do is make a French braid from the top and then roll the entire braid into a bun. Secure it with some bobby pins and a transparent hair tie. Next, begin loosening out the locks for a little messy look. Add flower accessories or some glitter, and voila!

Side Swept Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are some of the most detailed and visually stunning braids from the lot. They’re perfect for hair with highlights, Balayage, or even ombre. The carefully locking technique showcases your hair color in a completely different and unique way. This hairstyle will look perfect for brides who are looking for extra and want something that’s not too heavy on the head. Whether you have a tube dress or long-sleeved style, this side-swept version will attract attention to the finer details.

A bride with braided hairstyle.

Boho Half Up Half Down

If you can’t decide between a braided updo or leaving your hair loose, then this boho hairstyle is the perfect compromise. Begin by parting your hair from the center and leave out your front bangs. Then make a braid from each side using the upper section only. Bring both ends together and secure it with a pin. The braids should sit on your head like a crown. Next, curl the loose ends for that extra oomph. Use fresh flowers to style the braids and loosen them out for extra volume. This hairstyle will surely sweep your partner off his feet!

Wedding Hairstyles in Houston, TX

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