Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for hair treatments or using any products over your hair extensions.

There there, if you’re a beginner who’s baffled by the number of choices there are on the internet for the perfect styling tool, you’ll find the answer to your prayers here. We’ve compiled a list of products made with quality materials to deliver performance and last a lifetime.

1. Blow Dryer

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer may be expensive, but it’s proven to be worth the price! It’s a lightweight device that barely makes any noise yet incorporates immense shine into the hair. It measures air temperature over 40 times a second to protect hair from damage.

2. Flat Iron

The best flat iron for 2022 has to be the Revlon Salon Straight Copper Smooth 1” Flat Iron that allows the user to switch between heat settings as per their hair type. With the maximum being 455 degrees, you can trust this flat iron to turn the worst of curls into pin-straight hair strands. Copper ceramic plates prevent breakage entirely, leaving behind a rather luminous shine.

3. Diffuser

You know it, it’s the DevaCurl DevaFuser! This diffuser has been a fan favorite because it allows them to keep their curls in check even when blow-drying. The hand-shaped attachment gives a 360 airflow to surround and scrunch the curls. It also has an internal ceramic core that enhances shine and fights frizz to give you bouncy coils and voluminous waves!

4. Curling Iron

The best curling iron currently is the Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver Pro Dual Voltage. This product rotates both left and right on its own to give you the most gorgeous beachy waves. All you need to do is section your hair into equal parts, secure it in the clamp, and press the rotating button to watch the (curly) magic unfold. This is easy to handle a device that detangles the hair and shuts off automatically when no use is recognized for 30 minutes (whew! The girls know what we’re talking about).

Using a curling iron to create voluminous curls or beachy waves

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Straight irons have become a household essential, readily used to smooth the hair. The latest product from the flat iron world is the vibrating flat iron that promises to minimize hair damage.

What is a Vibrating Flat Iron?

Although it looks the same as any other hair straightening tool, its function is what sets it apart. A vibrating flat iron contains ceramic plates that move back and forth to facilitate equal heat distribution on the hair. Compared to non-moving ceramic plates, these are designed to achieve smoother hair faster with lesser friction. This further reduces the rate of hair breakage and hair-pulling.

The moving plates also account for less time spent straightening the hair, which helps avoid heat damage and restore damaged hair by closing the cuticles. Better yet, it eliminates frizz!

Here are reasons why you should invest in a vibrating flat iron:

Decreases Time for Straightening Hair

Compared to a traditional flat iron, the vibrating flat iron only requires one pass to achieve a straight and sleek finish. The decreased effort allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent going over the strand repeatedly.

Because the vibration distributes heat evenly through the hair, you should be able to style your hair with little to no hair frying.

Locks in Moisture

The vibrating flat iron locks in moisture, leaving the hair shinier and frizz-free! This is great for thick, curly, or coiled hair as it guarantees that after running it over the hair correctly, you wouldn’t need to load it up with more moisture. It also maintains the curl integrity as the vibrating motion refrains from any pulling and tugging.

Moreover, with lesser heat damage and breakage, you’ll see an improved hair growth rate overall.

Creates Different Hairstyles

A vibrating flat iron can be used to create an array of different hairstyles with some salon-level outcomes. From sleek and straight to waves and curls, you can perfect the ends with this heating tool! Not to forget, it’ll keep hair damage at bay and allow your hair to be healthy.

Although vibrating flat irons look much like regular flat irons, they tend to shuffle hair strands to allow even distribution of heat.

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Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a stylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for any hair treatments or using any hair care products.

Leave-in conditioner, also referred to as the leave-on or no-rinse conditioner, was first advertised as an additional course of action after washing and conditioning your hair in the shower. But little did we know it was here to stay.

Note: Before you work with a conditioner over your hair extensions, read Brenda’s prescribed method. A conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair shaft, else it may slip the hair extensions out.

This product is used post showering as it offers the following properties:

1. Moisturizes Hair

Recently dried hair lacks hydration and moisture, which can lead to breakage and split ends. Using a leave-in conditioner, you can lock in moisture for hours. Spray a generous amount on towel-dried or damp hair, focusing mainly on the shafts and hair ends. After application, brush your hair to disperse the product evenly. Leave-in conditioners also offer a certain degree of detangling properties.

Leave-in conditioner sprays work well for fine hair since the product doesn’t weigh the hair down. Instead, it leaves them feeling healthy, soft, nourished, and silky!

2. Controls Frizz

Dryness and humidity can lead to frizziness in the hair.A leave-in conditioner combats frizz by adding moisture back into the hair and smoothing out the flyaways. If you have coiled or curly hair and prefer not to brush through your hair, you could use a cream formula of the leave-in conditioner to scrunch those ends!This is because curly hair is more porous; i.e., it’s susceptible to losing more moisture throughout the day.

Alternatively, a leave-in conditioner also coats the hair strands evenly to protect them from damage from ultraviolet rays and other harsh environmental factors.

3. Repairs Damage

Leave-in conditioners can also reverse the damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, artificial dyes, and tight hairstyles. Use a protective dose to repair your hair as you go! You can choose a color-safe and sulfate-free leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair to preserve your color for longer.

The ideal time for applying the leave-in conditioner is on wet hair, right before bed, so your hair strands can absorb the product at their own pace. If not, you can also spray on the product before blow-drying or using any other heated tools.

All leave-in conditioners are manufactured differently, so it’s recommended to give the ingredient list a good read before application.

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Don’t know if you can use a leave-in conditioner over your custom-blended hair extensions? Ask Brenda! Brenda from Hair Extensions of Houston is one of the few trained hair specialists in Houston, TX, who has become an expert in original hair-loc system. She uses non damaging hair extensions of the highest quality Russian hair.

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The 64th Annual Grammy Awards happened on the 4th of April 2022 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The ethereal Dua Lipa was also in attendance wearing a vintage Versace (first showcased in 1992) black gown dripped in gold coined chains.

The Major Hair Transformation

But what really caught our eye was Dua Lipa’s recent hair transformation. She opted for a platinum blond length with hints of her former brunette lengths left at the roots. This transformation read as an ode to Donatella Versace. Chris Appleton, the hairstylist for Dua Lipa, gave her waist-length hair with a sleek platinum look.


Things to Know Before Going Platinum Blonde

Surely we’re all loving Dua Lipa’s iconic hair transformation, but if you are planning on undertaking the assignment yourself, here are things to know:

  1. You must head to the salon every four to six weeks to touch up your hair color and prevent banding. The scalp produces an average of half an inch of heat that causes hair to lift unevenly across the landscape, which creates a band that can lead to breakage and permanent damage.
  2. On that note, always leave the coloring job to a professional colorist; you’re only going to regret every attempt of DIY-ing the project. Going platinum is incredibly time-consuming, especially when you must undergo an extensive bleaching cycle. You should be able to discuss the price with your hair colorist upon consultation.
  3. You can overdo protein and moisture for your platinum hair! While moisture only makes the strands feel heavier, excess protein can actually harden the hair, resulting in breakage.

Get Dua Lipa’s Look

Do you wish to sport the same hair as Dua Lipa? Invest in high-quality Russian hair extensions from Hair Extensions of Houston that qualify as the best hair extensions in the states. Brenda is a trained hair colorist and stylist who has a master’s hand in copper loc hair extension systems. Her high-end salon is a haven for non-damaging hair extensions installed using copper tubes that can be crimpled into the hair upon installation.

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Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for hair treatments, or using any products over your hair extensions.

When your scalp fails to produce oil naturally or when your hair lets away too much moisture, you end up with dull, brittle, and frizzy hair. Some hair specialists refer to brittle hair as the worst kind since it splits, snaps, and breaks!

Your dry, brittle hair could result from shampooing too often, shampooing with harsh ingredients, using heat styling tools in a high heat setting, or not using a conditioner. Here are easy fixes for treating your dry and brittle hair:

1. Address Your Hair Care Routine

First things first, you want to reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair in a week. The shampooing frequency should depend on how fast your hair gets greasy. Next, select a shampoo that suits your hair type. Those with sulfates and other harmful ingredients can dry your hair type out.

The same applies to conditioners; you want to eliminate the use of harsh ingredients if you wish to combat dry hair. If you don’t use a conditioner or use one that hasn’t been designed for your hair type, switch instantly and use the right one often!

Note: Before you work with a conditioner over your hair extensions, read Brenda’s prescribed method. A conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair shaft, else it may slip the hair extensions out.

2. Turn Down the Heat

Lower the heat setting on all your styling tools and reduce how frequently you use them. Alternatively, you should also protect your hair from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors. It’s recommended to wear a head covering, such as a scarf or a hat, to minimize sun damage.

Applying hair serum over dry, brittle hair

3. Seek Hair Treatment

Keratin or Brazilian treatment at Hair Extensions of Houston is an easy treatment that works to reduce frizzandsplit ends. It can make the driest of hair feel glossy, smooth, and healthy again! It’s also known to fortify hair strands to prevent breakage and facilitate hair growth.

The products are applied onto wet hair, left to sit for 30 minutes, and sealed using a flat iron. Your newfound manageable hair lasts up to six months! Check out our work to view how we managed to restore some of the worst cases of dry, brittle hair.

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