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Gorgeous. Voluminous. Glossy.

If you recently indulged in a pair of premium Russian hair extensions, we’re sure you’ve heard these compliments from friends and family. Perhaps even strangers have stopped you to ask how your hair looks this texturized and effortlessly stunning!

While we’ll let you bask in the glory of these saccharine compliments, we’re also standing on the sidelines with a sharp needle to burst this fanciful bubble and bring you back to reality. No, we’re not saying the compliments are going to stop. However, many extension wearers become complacent and begin to think that their extensions are invincible.

If you’ve been overlooking the importance of maintenance, we hate to break it to you, but your extensions probably won’t retain their volume and luster in the long run.

We’ve rounded up five ways to protect your hair extensions from heat damage to help you keep the compliments rolling in.

Read on!

1. Avoid Heat Styling

Premium Russian hair extensions are a surefire way to gift your natural locks with incredible volume, texture, shine, and elasticity. But heat styling them is a recipe for disaster.

Your hair is already packed with powerful luster, volume, and luxurious length. Trust us when we say there’s no need for heat styling!


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Rock your stunning extensions without resorting to curling, straightening, or crimping. Not only will your extensions appear healthier, but they’ll also retain their shine and elasticity in the long run.

2. Undo the Damage with a Nourishing and Nutritious Oil Treatment

If you’ve been heat styling your extensions in the past, it’s time to give your hair some much-needed TLC to undo the damage. We recommend using a nourishing leave-in treatment that’s infused with rich nutrients and emollients that deeply penetrate hair shafts, roots, and follicles, thereby restoring moisture and shine.


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Young.Again by Kevin Murphy is a rejuvenating leave-in treatment that counteracts the oxidation and aging processes. Not only will your extensions feel repaired, but your natural locks will also appear revitalized.

While we’re against heat styling extensions at all costs, we’re no stranger to human fallibility. To be honest, we’ve been there. If you feel tempted to sneak in a straightening or curling session, we recommend using minimal heat and protecting your hair with a thermal oil treatment beforehand.

However, try to power through and skip heat styling altogether. This is a temporary hall pass for moments (read: emergencies) when you can’t imagine rocking a certain outfit without glossy straight locks or tight curls.

Other than these impulses, stick to your routine and rock the natural texture and shape of your Russian extensions.

3. Use a Gentle and Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner


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Time to toss out the toxins!

Chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners are a recipe for disaster. Ditch the parabens, formaldehyde, and sulfates by opting for gentle and nutrient-laden alternatives.

The Hydrate.Me-Wash and Hydrate.Me-Rinse shampoo and conditioner duo by Kevin Murphy is infused with vitamins and antioxidants that repair extensions and protect them from external damage. Your locks will feel nourished and replenished in the long run.

Find out more about the damage caused by toxic shampoo and conditioners to learn about the importance of making the switch.

4. Wrap Your Hair in a Silk/Satin Bonnet at Night

Protect your extensions from heat damage by wrapping your locks in a silk/satin bonnet at night. This simple protective measure is one of the most effective ways to maintain and restore hair health and elasticity overnight.

Regular cotton fibers can wreak havoc on extensions, increasing frizz and interfering with their natural composition. Contrarily, gentle and nourishing silk/satin fibers protect each strand from abrasive and rough surfaces.

This increases hair softness and eliminates external damage. Over time, your extensions will look and feel nourished and repaired.

5. Take Care of Your Extensions


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Struggling to undo heat damage? Be extra gentle with your new locks by taking precautionary measures—including steering clear of harsh brushing, avoiding coloring, and avoiding harsh hairstyles that require tugging at your locks.

In addition, abstain from using molding gels, texturizing clay, volumizing sprays, and other chemical-laden hair products.

According to celebrity hairstylists, the right—albeit minimal—maintenance is the secret behind healthy and radiant celebrity extensions. From Kylie Jenner to Bella Hadid, the hottest names in Hollywood are known for their glossy inches that photograph beautifully each time.

Stick by these easy guidelines and your extensions will retain their glamorous volume, luster, and health in the long run!

While you may be protecting your extensions from heat damage, touch-ups are essential to ensure longevity and vigor. Head over to our salon for professional touch-ups and fresh installation of premium Russian hair extensions using the original hair-loc system.

We also offer an extensive range of salon services—including deep conditioning treatments and high-end haircuts, and more. Find out more about our current closure so you can book a timely appointment once the situation gets better.

For more informationon our non damaging hair extensions, call 832-717-3626. We’re always happy to help!